Hi! I’m Ashton!

I tell stories through video for businesses! I think we’d work well together because you have something really awesome to tell your customers and I know exactly how to tell it!

Businesses know they should use Social Media…

But the world of Facebook, Twitter an Instagram is messyconfusing and eats up your time.

Social Media Content is What I Do

I create graphics and photos, but most especially- films! Low-budget, high-quality stories through video.

I Bring a Few Things to the Table

  1. I can tell a killer story. Most people miss it, but the most effective content tells a story. I’ve spent years learning how to hone in on an engaging story, and I can convey it well.
  2. I know how social media works. Believe it or not- one video will do well on Facebook, but flop on Twitter. And Instragm- should I use a story? IGTV? What even is IGTV?
    I know how all that works so I can help your content grow in its proper place.