It all started 15 years ago, when I was just a wee lad….

Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m a high schooler in Colorado’s Grand Valley. I loooove working with computers.

I’ve been messing around with them for five years. I’ve engineering audio and mixed productions. I’ve programmed web apps and websites. And I’ve edited videos. Lots of videos.

I’ve interned for major players in Colorado’s filming industry and best of all- I can tell a story. A really engaging story! Most people don’t recognize that the best videos are the ones that tell stories. Everyone tunes out at the infomercial-style, blowout salesman exclaiming “Cheap Prices!” and “Call Us Today!” That type of media no longer reaches people, much less get them to pick up the phone or their keys. You have to tell a story. There’s hundreds of ways to tell thousands of stories, but you have to tell one. It’s vital to a modern film. Now I have really good news-

You already have a story to tell! If you don’t think so, I’ll help you find it. And then we can convey it to customers over social media. Excited? Me too! Give me a ring!