Horizon Web Marketing YouTube Channel Trailer

Businesses handle all sorts of social media, but YouTube is a competely different beast from Facebook, Instagram and the others. That’s why I was so stoked when Horizon Web Marketing hired me to film a trailer for their YouTube channel. (You should check it out- you could learn a lot about SEO. I know I did!)

YouTube Channel Trailers need to be thought of differently than most other types of social media films because the viewer is already there. They’ve already clicked your channel. They don’t need you to sell them on your name or idea, they just want to know what you’re about and how well you do what you do. In the first few seconds, they’ve made a decision, should they journey into your catalog of videos, or try one of your competitors. It’s essential to grab their attention and convey energy. Hopefully the trailer does both for you!

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Foster Alumni Mentors 0.5K Promo Video

This is a promo video I made for an organization in the Grand Valley called Foster Alumni Mentors. They’re putting on a 0.5K Race in September, 2018 (you can still register- http://www.fosteralumnimentors.org/thepoint5k), and they wanted a silly promo video.
The 0.5K is “The Race for the Rest of Us.” It’s like 1/3 of a mile, so we wanted to play off the idea of “training” for such a short activity. I made several versions of the video, optimized for each platform.

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“Indie Vibe” – Apex Piercing/The Lonely Toy Store

I made this as a portfolio project. It was filmed at The Lonely Toy Store/Apex Piercing in Downtown GJ.

I love the style of stills; taking videos of fun objects or activity in the shop is great. I enjoyed toying with all the fun things in the shop.

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Film Reels: Two Days at the Ranch

A film reel is pretty neat: no real point in it. You just pick a place, or a theme, or a person, or a color, or really anything, and then you shoot some footage about it. It showcases your creativity, spirit, know-how, and most importantly, good vibes.

I was on vacation at Shared Outdoors Ranch in Nebraska, and I thought to bring my camera. The videos are short, cute and all they do is boost knowledge of the Ranch on its Facebook page. The idea is not to convey a message (like a sale or new merchandise or anything), but rather to convey a vibe. My hope is you, just by watching those videos, wish you were on that ranch.

If you’re a business owner and you want a film reel, just give me a ring. Thanks! And enjoy!

Intro Video: What Do I Do?

The epitome of a videographer’s work is the video he promotes himself with. One thing I find super fun is graphics in video (the “Social Media Eats Up Your Time” slide). I set up a standard studio and spent a few hours adjusting lights and angles. The room’s acoustics were terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible but I toned down the natural reverb so it ended up A-OK. Even if you think a place is bad for shooting- it’s crazy what you can do in post. The video was a rough edit but it honest and true, and I think it explains who I am pretty well.

You can watch the intro here-


Icy Soles Logo

I made this logo for the Insta of a shoes cleaning company- Icy Soles Shoe Cleaning. (BTW- 11/10, My XPLR’s came back looking fresh and white.) It’s a pretty solid example of a graphic. I developed it with a vibe in mind- fresh, modern, fit. Hopefully you catch that vibe!Icy Soles Logo EDIT